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Ultimate Muscle Confusion is both a workout tool and a community of real people looking for a way to stay fit that fits into their busy lifestyles. Read more..
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Ultimate Muscle Confusion is not a product. It really isn’t a process, either. UMC is a different way of thinking about fitness. Read more…
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Ultimate Muscle Confusion provides the one thing you can’t get with any other gym, trainer, DVD, or product- momentum! Read more…

It happens to you several times a year, doesn’t it?  It at least happens to you once per year- New Years Day.  When you tell yourself you are going to get in better shape.  When you vow to exercise more, eat better, and rid yourself of those extra pounds you’ve accumulated over the years.  These fitness and health seizures, as we call them; are responsible for billions of dollars spent annually on gym memberships, home workout DVDs, and fitness footwear and apparel.

Unfortunately, most of this money is wasted.  Wasted because although we all have good intentions and normally start off on the right foot, something inevitably happens (travel for work, a vacation with the family, a sick child, a deadline that keeps you at work late for a week) to derail the momentum you’ve created in your fitness.   And more often than not, it takes weeks or months before another fitness and health seizure jump starts you again.

Ultimate Muscle Confusion’s personalized, flexible, and convenient workout tool helps you stay on track, while the UMC community of experts and workout buddies keeps you motivated!

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10 Minute Speed Development Workout

Parents of young athletes are always asking me if there is something they can do to help their kids gain speed and quickness.  They inevitably ask me if I recommend going to a speed coach...

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